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16.5%16.5%  sodium acifluorfen 8% EC8% EC  clodinafop propargyl

Quick Facts

Iris is post- emergent broad spectrum selective herbicide for Soybean.
It has quick action on weeds and also very easy to use.
Dose- 400 ml/Acre and Application Time – 15-25 Days after sowing when weeds are in 2-4 Leaf Stage.

Crops Targets
Soybean Acalypha indica Alternanthera philoxeroides Amaranthus spp Celosia argentea Cleome viscosa Commelina benghalensis Dactyloctanium aegyptium (Broad leaf weeds) Digera arvensis Digitaria sanguinalis Echinochloa spp Eleusine indica Euphorbia spp Parthenium spp Phyllanthus niruri Physalis minima Stellaria media Trianthema monogyna